Landscaping Services

Annual Color Installation

Our annual color installation services help your property to maintain year-round curb appeal and to display different designs as seasons change. Our landscape designers can help you choose annual flowers that will extend the beauty of your landscape and offer seasonal variety for all seasons.

Fertilization/ Soil and Seeding

Optimum growth of vegetation requires accurate fertilization, soil and seeding. Our lawn care experts offer soil testing for identifying nutrients and pH levels to recommend the right fertilizer to improve the health of soil for existing plants and to prepare your soil prior to seeding. Our seeding services include improving existing turf health and preparing for new growth based on your location and the conditions of your area.

Irrigation Retrofits and Installations

We offer complete services for both new and existing irrigation systems. For new systems, we offer complete installation services from property assessment, system mapping and design, and installation of all parts, including drainage installation.

For existing systems, we have Irrigation retrofits designed to upgrade your system with modern parts to improve your water efficiency and conservation efforts, without replacing your entire system. A retrofit to an existing irrigation system must be done very carefully in order to ensure that the entire system will function properly and provide uniform and efficient water application. That is why it is important to work with an irrigation system professional to assess your retrofit needs, while helping you to avoid costly issues that could arise from improper upgrades. If you want to update your current irrigation system, Octo Green service professionals will thoroughly test and evaluate your system and then recommend the best retrofit options to save you water and money.

Irrigation Service Calls

Do you need to call a professional for your irrigation system problem? Whether you need emergency repairs or you would like to schedule a service call for maintenance at your convenience, we have service technicians available when you need them. We offer complete inspection and diagnostic services to troubleshoot your repair needs, from identifying leaking or broken valves, sprinkler heads or lines, to water audits and use analysis.

Irrigation Services

A healthy landscape starts with a properly designed, working irrigation system. We offer a full range of irrigation services to fit your needs, from service calls for emergency repairs to design to retrofits and new system installations.

Landscape Clean-Ups and Haul Offs

If your property needs a fresh start, our landscape clean up and haul-offs can help renovate your landscape. We offer complete demolition with removal of existing weeds and grasses and shrubby to give you a clean slate.

Landscape Installation Services

We have landscape installation options for every budget and property, such as landscape development, fertilization, soil and seeding, synthetic turf options, sod, hydro-seed, annual color installation and more.

Landscape Maintenance Services

Whether you need weekly, bi-weekly or seasonal clean-up services, we offer customizable scheduled ground maintenance to meet your lawn care needs. Common landscape maintenance services include mowing grass, tree trimming, hedge clipping, watering greenery, plantar care, arbor care, leaf and clipping removal, de-thatching turf, weed abatement, pest control, aeration and more.

Landscaping Install and Design

We offer complete landscape install and design services for new installations and renovations to existing landscapes. Our design consultations include property assessment, and options to help you choose the best greenery, turf and plants to fit your property, irrigation system and budget. We offer digital design software to help you visualize the layout and design of your landscape, prior to installation.

Tree Trimming and Removal Services

Whether you need tree trimming for maintaining the health of desirable trees or you need to remove unwanted trees from your property, we offer complete arbor care and removal services. Our tree trimming and pruning services may include limbs that threaten, obstruct or interfere with nearby structures, removing diseased, insect infested or dead limbs and branches, reshaping or training of young trees to improving the overall aesthetics, and allowing for greater light penetration. Our tree services are performed by expert arborists to ensure safe and efficient tree removal. Not sure if tree removal is the best option? We offer consultations to identify and recommend the arbor care option that is best for you.

Weed Abatement

We offer weed abatement services for removing undesirable vegetation and weed growth, including bare ground services for complete vegetation removal and selective control services to control weeds while allowing desirable vegetation to grow. Weed abatement not only improves the aesthetics of your property, but it can also help reduce threats from fire hazards, eliminate harboring areas of rodents and other pests, and remove of irritant and allergen causing plants.